Get excited for some…Scottish Country Dancing! Less than 4 weeks to ILW!

Beginning-of-the-week blues getting to you? Worry not, because we have an exciting event to share to start off our blogposts for the new year! The School of Informatics and the New Scotland Country Dance Society bring to you a unique workshop and event combining traditional Scottish dancing with computational processes. Dance can be compared to a biological, chemical or computational process, and this event is here to put the idea into practice!

The workshop will give the participants an introduction into abstract state machines and into the figures and configurations of Scottish Country Dancing. Participants will even be able to write their own name as a dance! The event aims to show students studying sciences that their unique ways of thinking are not limited to theory but can be applied in multiple areas of everyday life and dancing is just one fun aspect of this! Students taking part will gain insight into computing processes as well as the structures and figures of Scottish Dancing!

The participants of the workshop (1-3pm) will have used their creativity to create new dances with the help of this metaphor. If you can’t make the workshop but are keen for some dancing anyways, come along and dance new exciting dances which have a story to tell between 4 and 7pm. You do not need any prior experience because as we know, anybody and everybody can dance once they put their minds (and feet!) to it! This is also an exciting event as it is held off-campus on a local community venue – the Southside Community Centre!

To book yourself on, follow this link:


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