ILW events for the public!

Copy of Copy of Dave ILW Square.png

ILW isn’t just for current University of Edinburgh staff & students, but also alumni and the general public. Many of the events within our creative learning programme offer some great opportunities for those outside the University.

Try playing the online game ‘Edinburgh is Everywhere’ that celebrates the borderless nature of the university or ‘Teacherbot Takes Over’ where you can create a ‘teacherbot assistant’, automated teaching applications that respond to issues, concerns and interests that they see as being important. Check out some of the events here.

Important Booking Information

If you are from the general public, each event will use a different booking system. They may use Eventbrite or be an open event which will make it easier for you to book on.  If they are using the University of Edinburgh booking system – you won’t have access so we encourage you to email the event organiser to arrange for a spot. In most cases, this is made clear in the event description.

If you are University of Edinburgh alumni, visit this article by Development & Alumni!


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