Feeling creative? Here’s your chance to express yourself and get involved!

Folk Draw: A visual ethnography

Ever had an overwhelming urge to be creative in the middle of the day? Looking for a way to express your thoughts on life at university? Folk Draw provides you with a way to do all of the above in one amazing creative space! Imagine a room covered in paper. People from all areas of the university, those working studying and visiting, drawing, colouring, making their mark. What results will be a visual ethnography of how people view university life…

Over 2 days people will be invited and encouraged to help fill a room with drawings around the themes of sociology and the university community, in particular symbols of everyday life, community and people. Drop-in whenever you like! The main medium for drawing will be ink. Following the 2 days of ‘pop-in-drawing’ the room will be opened as an exhibition to the public.

The first part of the event, the workshop, will be drop-in style, where people are encouraged to pop by when they’re passing, or in their lunch break. The theme of the work will be explained to them before they enter the room and additional information explaining a little about the sociological concept and themes on a placard/poster outside the room. The drawings will be made entirely in ink, with paintbrushes and other tools to make the marks with, so that everyone’s drawings are individual yet cohesive.

Following the workshop the artists will work to create an exhibition from the drawings produced, which will remain in the room or moved to a more public space to be viewed. The aim of the event is to bridge the gap between the art school and the main campus of the university.

By focusing on sociographic theme, the organisers hope to create a visual ethnography of the university community. Also, by sharing their creative practice as illustration students, the organisers hope to give people an insight into the work of the art and design school. They also want to create a visual representation of the kind of research that the sociology department does, which ties in with our current studio practice of working in reportage.

The objective is to create a piece of art that reflects as much about the university community in its process of being made, as it does as a final exhibit. The event will be documented on a blog or through social media; spreading the illustrative vibe on another platform and educating more people about the social science research the university does.

To book onto this event, click here: http://www.innovativelearning.ed.ac.uk/folk-draw-visual-ethnography-3


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