#ilw16 Echoes of Edinburgh: 24-hour magazine event by Retrospect and FreshAir



Interested in media – from journalism to radio to publishing – and forever overwhelmed by the marvel that is the city we all study in? Then the Retrospect ED24 event, taking place during this year’s Innovative Learning Week, is for you!

This year we are challenging ourselves again, with your help, to research, write, edit, design and print an issue of Retrospect with the theme ‘Echoes of Edinburgh: Voices of the City’. We’re looking to celebrate our city, through the stories and voices of those who live and work here. Retrospect are looking for articles on any topic pertaining to the theme: interviews, features, reviews and creative writing are all fair game. This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved, challenge yourself to write a magazine article in a short frame of time, and get fantastic support from our talented team of editors.

Equally, alongside this 24-hour publishing whirlwind, we will be holding a series of workshops to develop your media toolbox and allow you to stand out from the crowd in the modern media industry. Topics included will be mobile reporting, podcasting, editing digital content and television broadcasting – by speakers from the Daily Mail, STV, the Media Trust and many more!

Not only are we repeating last year’s award-winning 24-hour magazine event – totally student-run, by the way – we’re expanding this year into a brand spanking new 24-hour radio show! In collaboration with FreshAir Radio, we’ll be bringing you non-stop content over the Edinburgh airwaves from the voices of Edinburgh, including special guest interviews as well as podcasts from our very own Retrospect team. Alongside this we will be endeavouring to raise money in aid of FreshAir’s chosen charity, Waverley Care, a wonderful organisation that provides support to those in Scotland affected by HIV and Hepatitis C.

This is a full, no-holds-barred, 24-hours-only event, from 10am on Wednesday 17th February to 10am Thursday 18th February. That’s it! So make sure to stay tuned on our social media for special announcements and further information, as well as to learn more about how you can get involved.

More information, as well as the way to book into this fantastic event, can be found on the Innovative Learning Week website here:


Interested in seeing last year’s issue? Take a look at it on our website here: http://www.retrospectjournal.co.uk/ed24-archive/

Want to get involved, ask a question, or find more information on Retrospect? Connect with us on our Facebook, Twitter, and our website:




We look forward to taking on this challenge with you all then!



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