ILW and Beyond- Impact and Legacy Meetup.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 13.54.10

In January ILW event organisers got together with the ILW team and had a little think about the impact of their events. Although it is tempting to celebrate immediately after an event is done, there is a lot of work often left well after the participants have all gone home! The aim of ILW is to curate events which have a long-lasting impact and start a legacy. Innovative ideas we are using this year to enable this are the ILW Awards (to be announced at the Thank You event on 2nd of March), surveys to organisers and attendees and very exciting ILW grants and summer internships! Small grants will be made available on an ad-hoc basis to event organisers who can take the initiative to show that their event can go beyond ILW and the IAD will also be able to part-fund two summer internships for students who have developed an idea over ILW and would like to take it to the next level with the help of matched funding from their school or department.

Event organisers at the meetup considered the various ways in which they could enhance their impact and measure the legacy of their event. Ideas suggested included:

  • taking photos of your event
  • Gather testimonies during or right after the event
  • Film small clips of your event
  • Tweeting during the event
  • Asking people questions beforehand and then see if they’ve changed their mind after the event
  • Documenting how people interact


The organisers thought critically about what they envisioned their participants achieving from attending their events and how they would be able to achieve their learning outcomes. The meetup also provided answers for questions from the event organisers and allowed them to consider how the ILW team could assist them with making their legacy as visible and meaningful as possible. Don’t forget – innovation does not end with ILW! Every event has its own impact and it is up to you to turn that into a memorable legacy.


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