#ILW16 : Fun on Prescription

Learning how to prescribe fun? There’s an appealing thought to start the week! Join the University’s Centre for Research Collections (CRC) and play specialists from the Sick Kids Hospital in this collaborative workshop aimed to share and create ideas on how the CRC’s special collections can be used imaginatively to benefit children in hospital! This workshop represents the first formal collaboration between the Centre for Research Collections and the Sick Kids Friends Foundation. It is anticipated that Innovative Learning Week 2016 would act as the foundation for future shared working for mutual benefit.

The workshop will encourage imagination and creativity to produce resources that will be used in play in the hospital context.The workshop will be co-led by Centre for Research Collections (CRC) staff with knowledge of the University’s special collections, and play specialists from the Sick Kids Friends Foundation. It will be supported by Library & University Collections’ Projects & Innovation team to provide expertise on technical innovations that could be used within the production of resources and to help inform idea generation.

One-of-a-kind objects will be displayed and described by CRC staff, while play specialists will provide guidance on the kind of activities that are suitable for child patients. The workshop will provide a creative, collaborative and supported environment in which the participants get hands-on experience of the University’s special collections and then go on to discuss and generate ideas for imaginative use of those collections within resources created for patients, parents and staff to use for education, distraction and entertainment in the hospital setting. The best of the ideas generated through the workshop would be produced for use by children in hospital. The resources will focus on children aged 11 to 14 years old as feedback from colleagues in the Sick Friends Friends Foundation is that this is the age group that they find hardest to entertain in an in-patient hospital environment. This workshop would be open to anyone with an interest in improving the child patient experience through imaginative use of the University’s rare/unique collections, including members of the public. To book onto the event, follow this link:




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