#ILW16: Getting the Most out of Technology for Learners with Autism

Interested in technology? Curious about its applications in the field of medicine? Join us for a highly promising event held by the Patrick Wild Centre for Autism and the Division of Psychiatry on getting the most out of technology for learners with autism. You can expect to gain a deeper knowledge of autism and of learning as well as methods and tools for using technology to best effect in this field.

The goal of this workshop will be to share, construct and disseminate knowledge on the use of technology to support autistic individuals children and adults, including those with and without additional learning needs. The organiser will draw on research evidence – including interviews with the autism community – to provide a basic framework for best practice in the use of technology. However workshop attendees will also bring their personal expertise and, as such, will collaborate in the creation of new knowledge. Everyone will participate in the testing and reviewing of new technologies. A live commenting system will be used to curate and record the discussion. Outcomes from the workshop will include: reviews of apps written by attendees; a framework of features to look out for in beneficial technologies; and guidelines for using technology in practice. These will be published on the DART website (www.dart.ed.ac.uk) and disseminated via the ASDTech mailing list (over 250 subscribers globally). The workshop will use the specific focus on technology as a way to celebrate the unique potential of autistic people and enhance understanding of their learning style and preferences.

People attending this workshop will learn from each other as well as from the organiser. They will be given an iPad each to use and encouraged to play with the apps, download new ones, and try them out. Attendees will share ideas and tips. We will use an online message board so that people can post ideas, questions and comments live to a big screen. The organiser will respond to these, drawing on her expertise, but also invite responses from other delegates. The workshop will celebrate the skills and unique learning style of people on the autism spectrum.

To book onto this event, please follow this link: http://www.innovativelearning.ed.ac.uk/getting-most-out-technology-learners-autism-0




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