ILW news – Festival of Creative Learning – get involved!


An invitation to join us over the summer to develop a new Festival of Creative Learning!

In the last few months the ILW team have been working closely with the Senate Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC), Assistant Principals, and other interested stakeholders to build on the achievements and learning from ILW.

We took a different approach to ILW 2016, with a greater focus on event organisers and a more holistic support structure, providing opportunities to run events at different times of year, and curating the programme and brand to give more of a festival feel. This has been fed into the LTC and based on this the following actions are being taken:

The week between Teaching Blocks 3 and 4 will be used for a broader range of purposes in Academic Years 2016/17 and 2017/18, and  Schools will be encouraged to use the week in ways that are best suited to their staff and students.

Alongside this, and in order to secure and build on the legacy of Innovative Learning Week (ILW), a ‘Festival of Creative Learning’ will be launched.

The Festival of Creative Learning will comprise a programme of events and activities running throughout the academic year, along with a curated, week-long programme of events in February (20th – 24th February 2017). The Festival will continue to be supported by IAD, and the importance of spreading innovative activity across the academic year, as opposed to focusing on a single week will be highlighted. Schools will be able to choose whether or not to participate in the Festival.  If you would like to read the official email that was sent out about the change, please see the document attached to this blogpost: Fest creative learning initial comms or get in touch at

We will be working hard this summer with you, Snook and other key stakeholders to build on the great work we and our community have done over the past year with ILW and see how we can take it forward into The Festival of Creative Learning. This will include a series of participatory workshops, stakeholder interviews, and other input into designing something special together. If you are a School or Service Coordinator, we are keen to continue to work with you to ensure you are feeling supported in your role and have all the information you need for the upcoming year.

If you would like to be part of our summer work around shaping The Festival of Creative Learning, or have any questions about this change, then please email us at There will be more information about our summer work soon!


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