Innovative Learning Week Awards

Over the course of the week, staff and students from across the University will have designed and delivered nearly 300 events. Our ILW awards have recognised the dedication, hard work, and creativity of our fantastic community of individuals and teams who have been a part of ILW. With nearly 240 nominations, presenting your ILW 2016 Award winners!


Congrats to all those who were nominated, shortlisted, and won an Innovative Learning Week Award for all their great work.  Thank you to Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation for hosting our special awards ceremony


Most Collaborative

This award is for the event organisers who went the extra effort to create meaningful connections between different parts of the University. The collaborative element could pertain to the audience, but also the event team as well.



  • Drawing(s): The art of chromatography – was a two day practical workshop investigating the chemical and creative art of Chromatography used to make a series of drawings. It was organised by Felicity Bristow, Lewis Fenton, in a collaboration between Chemistry and Contemporary Art.


  • There Is No Alternative! … or is there? – consisted of three different events themed around sustainable business alternatives, finance for the future and circular economy. The events were a collaboration between The Sustainable Business Initiative at the Business School, ECA and The Social Responsibility and Sustainability Department.
  • TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh – Connecting the Dots – a full-day conference of the Thursday of ILW, which included 12 speakers, two comperes, interactive spaces and a TEdx committee who worked hard to make it all come together.
  • iGEM Sandpit and Bio-hackathon – an annual student project where teams build and test genetically engineered machines, software and technology to do great things. The event is modelled after computer hackathons and run by Jon Marles-Wright from the School of Biological Sciences.

Most Creative

This award is for the event organisers who were creative throughout the process of their event – from design to delivery. They were open to taking risks, being adventurous, and finding new ways to approach their own learning experiences and those of their audience.



  • Board Game Jam – was a hands-on workshop where the participants were guided through all the steps of creating a new board game. This event was run by Projects and Innovation, Research and Learning Services, Library and University Collections and Information Services.


  • Black River – an art project that was created and run by Pablo Valcarce and Anya Gleizer from PPLS and ECA. It is an interactive piece of work where the audience could upload their own photos of places that have meaning to them.
  • Creative Material Play – was an event that involved the making of collaborative artworks from various basic materials including clay, wood, paper and charcoal, metal as well as plastics. the workshop drew on traditional ways of working in illustration and in sculpture and was led by Eleni-Ira Panourgia and Katie Forrester from ECA.
  • Photogrammetry: scanning objects in 3 dimensions – an event that included 3D modelling with photogrammetry with cameras, computers and 3 different pieces of software.This was organised by Stuart Nicol from Informations Services in collaboration with Karen Howie, School of History, Classics and Archaeology.

Most Experimental

This award is for the event organisers who made the most of ILW to experiment and prototype with their idea. Even if it was messy, the organisers got their hands dirty to understand a different perspective of their learning experience.




  • SKIN – was a workshop and performance-based event which called participants to experience familiar spaces with re-constructed, amended bodies. During a costume-workshop, new skins will be produced and tested. This was organised by Dimitra Ntzani and Dr. Aikaterini Antonopoulou.


  • Creative Material Play
  • Painting with Pipettes – were two events organised by The SynBio (Synthetic Biology) Society in collaboration with Art Soc, where people could use GMOs to create works of art. The event served as an introduction to Synthetic Biology and the iGEM competition.
  • Play + Design = Learn – was a two-days event for children and parents to work together on a real-life design experience, brainstorming how the ECA courtyard could look like. This was organised by  Nik Farhanah Nik Azhari and Matluba Khan.

Most Impact

Innovation doesn’t just happen in a week and these event organisers know it.  They used the festival to support an idea which will have a great deal of impact outside of the classroom and for months – maybe even years! – to come.



  • There Is No Alternative! … or is there?
  • TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh – Connecting the Dots


  • Creative Material Play
  • Painting with Pipettes
  • Play + Design = Learn
  • A History of Medicine Wikipedia Editathon – was a  4 day editathon focusing on In-depth Wikipedia editing with a focus on the history of medicine and reflecting upon Wikipedia as an open body of knowledge. This was organised by Learning, Teaching and Web Services.
  • iGEM Sandpit and Bio-hackathon
  • Rootmap – Rootmap is an illustrated map of places to eat and buy food in Edinburgh which have a high standard of food ethics. They hosted an event in the same spirit as the map – to engage participants in their local food scene through fun and creative methods.



Best Sustainability Event

This award goes to the event which embraces the importance of sustainability both through their event design and topic.



  • Sustainable Supper – Led by Simon Shackley out of Geosciences, this participatory day event started with designing a menu and exploring Edinburgh to find sustainable, low carbon food outlets. Everyone then gather back together to learn more about sustainable cooking and share food together.


  • Play + Design = Learn
  • Rootmap
  • There Is No Alternative! … or is there?
  • Low Carbon Pizza – this event was all about food – with participants cooking and sharing a delicious, healthy, low carbon two course meal whilst discussing food choices and sustainability. This was organised in collaboration with Foodwise.

Best Community Event

We believe in the power of working closely with the city to create meaningful learning experiences.  This award goes to the event organisers who organised the best event in the city and/or in collaboration with community partners.



  • Play + Design = Learn


  • Childrens’ Picture Books: the story and the images – organised by Janis Mackay, Kasia Matyjaszek,  Robbie Bush – this successful workshop guided participants through a creative and explorative process, via the mediums of collage, drawing, storytelling and creative writing, to make a picture book designed for children or children at heart.
  • Rootmap
  • There Is No Alternative! … or is there?

ILW Team Choice Awards

This goes to a series of event organisers who brought a great deal of enthusiasm and passion to their idea and caught the eye of the ILW Team and their School Coordinators through their efforts and hard work.



  • Jon Marles-Wright for his work on iGEM Sandpit and Bio-hackathon and Painting with Pipettes.
  • Katherine Dixon for her work with Echoes of Edinburgh: A 24 hour magazine project by Retrospect Journal.
  • Ewan Klein and Angel Ignatov for their work on Smart Data Hack.
  • Stephenie McGucken and The Late Antique & Medieval Postgraduate Society for their work on For our fredome & for our land: Battle of Bannockburn & Stirling Castle.
  • Lily Asch and Vincent Nimoh for their work on the TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh – Connecting the Dots conference.

The Ideas in Play Award

This award goes to the event that embodies the ethos and values of Innovative Learning Week through and through – from collaboration and creativity to experimentation and community building.



  • Childrens’ Picture Books: the story and the images – Janis Mackay, Robbie Bush, Kasia Matyjaszek
  • iGEM Sandpit and Bio-hackathon


  • Play + Design = Learn
  • Hayley Keon & Geetika Raman for their event Mother Tongues & Other Tongues in collaboration with LLC – This day-long conference brought together students, academics, and writers from across the fields of linguistics, literature, and history to discuss the role of postcoloniality and its articulation through English fiction.
  • SKIN

ILW Superheroes


  • Pablo Valcarce, Event Organiser for Black River
  • Margot Morton, Business School Coordinator
  • Ewan McAndrew, Wikimedian in Residence and Event Organiser for Creating an Open Body of Knowledge – A History of Medicine Wikipedia Editathon
  • Tarek Teba,. Event Organiser for Re-Experience the Ruins: Holyrood Abbey
  • Debbie Rodrigues, Biological Sciences School coordinator
  • Keira Anderson & Sam Johnson, Snook & their work with Open ILW
  • Arthur Wilson, Hristo Meshinski, Aileen Robertson from Information Services for their help with ILW calendar and website
  • Dave McNaughton, Designer for ILW


Check out more photos from the ILW Awards reception here



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